Pet Friendly School

Do pets make a difference?

In this context, it is appropriate to assume that we are speaking of well-trained friendly and non aggressive pets, loyal to mankind, such as dogs. The New Millennium has had pets on campus ever since its inception over the last 17 years. They have guarded the place when the school was an
isolated area surrounded by Eucalyptus forest on all sides.

In the Banaswadi, Horamavu, Kothanur and surrounding areas, snakes are frequently seen Thankfully, the school dogs have always kept venomous snakes away from the School premises. Pets are important in a young child’s life. Not every family can have pets especially when they reside in an apartment. So the school pets fill what would otherwise perhaps become a vacuum in a child’s life.

It is inevitable that parents will one day come to depend on their children for love and care, There is every reason to predict that children who learn to love and care for pets will grow up more empathetic than those who do not. Also, since they learn to take responsibility they will naturally and as a matter of course, take the responsibility of caring for their parents as time marches on.