From the Principal's Desk

It is indeed an honour and privilege to be the Principal of New Millennium School, a premier ICSE School in Bangalore. The School is committed to maintain a flawless image and high standards of excellence and carry them forward to new heights.

I have learnt a lot from the Members of the Management, my colleagues, office staff, students and parents through continuous interaction. In fact, I am fortunate to have a team of experienced, well qualified and dedicated faculty members. Our School remains in the foreground of achievement. It is a centre of learning where equal opportunities are made available to all students to enable them to fulfill their potential.

The foundation laid here prepares children to face all future challenges. I am convinced that our students will shape the destiny of the nation in time to come. One of our constant and continuous endeavors is to create a healthy , conducive atmosphere for the all round development of our pupils. With this end in mind, over forty co-curricular, extracurricular and sports activities are conducted every year. These activities help to mould our students into the brightest and the best. Moral values also, intricately woven into the modern curriculum fabric , will help our pupils become sparkling jewels of India some day.

I sincerely advise parents to spend quality time with their children and try to create a sense of responsibility in each one. Encourage them regularly. Always be a mentor and friend to your child. Do meet the class and subject teachers regularly to discuss your ward’s progress. Get the maximum benefit from the programmes offered by the School. We welcome your suggestions.

My aim is to be a friend, guide and philosopher to the New Millennium staff, students and parents. Also, I would like to foster an atmosphere for the all round development of all students so that they can become valued members of their families, excellent professionals in their workplace and mature ,responsible citizens of society.

Let us move together towards these goals looking always to the School motto, ‘The best that I can do; the best that I can be.

Thank you for visiting our School website.
Krishnamurthy V