New Milliennium School has delivered what others have only promised

The New Millennium School is an institution with a vision and is committed to upholding the best of academic standards for your child/ward. Our distinctive character is to provide child centered, world class education in a peaceful ambience conducive to the acquisition of high learning skills. The School provides a system of instruction that will teach children to be analytical and problem solvers. Teachers in the school will function as facilitators of learning and the curriculum of the school is designed to achieve a balance between the academic and co-curricular activities. With a modern building, airy classrooms, a well equipped library, science (separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs), geography and computer laboratories and recreational facilities, the New Millennium School has within a short span of sixteen years created a niche for itself among the progressive schools in Bangalore.


Well qualified and highly dedicated faculty

A maximum of thirty five students in a class

Spacious and well planned classrooms with modern furniture

ICSE Syllabus

Professional sports training imparted

Games and sports for all

Transport facility available at your doorstep

To provide a learning environment free from fear

Quality teaching and intensive coaching

Multiple Intelligences(MI) and Bloom’s Taxonomy     incorporated into the teaching curriculum

Curriculum complemented with yoga, the performing arts and     martial arts

Club, group and cultural activities on the first Saturday of each     month

More than 30 co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are     conducted over the academic year

Interactive White Boards to reinforce concept and lessons

Individual attention and careful monitoring of the progress of     each student

Remedial classes offered to students after hours at no extra     cost

Programmes for integrated personality development

Focus on the academic as well as social development of the     students

CCTV in all classrooms / entire school coverage

School outings, educational excursions and career counseling

To provide a well-rounded program of instruction appropriate to the cultural, intellectual and social needs of the     students

To provide educational resources for a safe, challenging, tolerant and supportive environment in which students are     actively encouraged to participate

To prepare students to be independent thinkers, skilful communicators and life-long learners

To encourage acceptance and tolerance towards the diversity of moral, traditional and religious values

To promote social responsibility through active involvement in serving the community