Our Tribute to Mr. Gilbert Bose

'All glory comes from daring to begin'

Mr. Gilbert Bose was a Founder Member of the New Millennium School. As the School developed over the years, he became its Academic director [honorary].

Mr. Gilbert Bose had been mentor, friend and guide to the Management collectively and to its members individually.

The Staff were at ease as they interacted with him. He was never too busy to help them with the selection of the right text book, guide them with the phrasing of a question to be set in a paper or remind them when dealing with their students to see the oak tree in the acorn.

The students recognized in Mr. Gilbert Bose a man of prodigious learning, a great intellect and a friendly spirit encouraging them to fulfill their potential.

Days, weeks, months even years of thought resulted in the name given to our School; as well as its motto 'The Best I Can Do; The Best I Can Be'. Mr. Bose wanted a motto which could be easily understood by the children and readily followed.

We will always be grateful to Mr. Gilbert Bose for the vision of New Millennium School, its value based educational foundation and its child centred orientation.

Great is the legacy and we pledge to nurture this unique Institution and to carry forward its programme into the vistas of the Twenty first century in that self same spirit in which it was founded.

We will ever be inspired by the life and work of Mr.Gilbert Bose. It has been a privilege to have worked together on this wonderful enterprise.


Dr. Rajeev Kishen, Founder Secretary recalls :

The first time I met Mr. Bose was when I was 14. I walked up the stairs and met a kind old gentleman who treated me with respect. I have never known a more committed teacher in my entire life. My own relationship with him grew and today I choose to celebrate the life of this great man while I mourn his passing.

He was very fond of all the teachers at the New Millennium School and he wanted me to take care of you all. He wanted the New Millennium School to be a quality School. We must make his dream come true. During all the past eight years he was the School's Academic Director but he never accepted any money. For him, working for a good cause gave him joy and he worked to make the New Millennium School the best ICSE School ever. I hope all of you will join me on this journey.

-Rajeev Kishen


Mrs. Mary Eltham recalls :

It is with a heavy heart that I write about Mr.Gilbert Bose, whose untimely passing away has left a void in our lives. We, at New Millennium School remember Mr.Bose with deep respect and gratitude. He had been both Mentor and Guide to the Staff and students of the school. The manner in which he interacted with each one of us was exemplary.

His simple, unassuming and unambitious nature was also truly inspiring. A visionary to the core- Mr.Bose gave shape to our Founder Director Dr.Rajeev Kishan's dream of creating New Millennium School. He had been with the School since its inception. Ever since then he became instrumental to its growth and a beacon to its path.

As a tribute to our Beloved Academic Director, we will treasure his legacy and nurture the New Millennium School.

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone
For part of us went with you
When God called you home

Your memory will never fade away,
In our hearts you will forever stay.
The stars in our sky shine brighter now-
All because an angel rose above.

Heaven gained an angel - and so did we,
And we know you'll look upon us,
Until we meet again.

- Mary Eltham,


Unforgettable Mr. Gilbert Bose

Rakshita Das [Std. 8] says: Mr. Gilbert Bose was the most learned person I have ever met. All the students in my batch feel that we were very fortunate to have studied under his tutelage. He made time in his very busy schedule and extra classes were arranged so that he could teach us Maths and Physics last winter. We were eagerly awaiting the time when he would be able to come and interact with us again. Sadly, he passed away on Friday March 23, 2007.

Mr. Bose was very kind. I found that I could understand easily everything that he taught. To me he allotted a particular responsibility – that of collecting weather reports from the newspapers. These I shall now keep in remembrance of Sir.

Mr. Bose was one of the Founders of our school. He dreamed of seeing our school grow into the best school ever. Now it is in our hands to make his dream come true by doing well in the Board Examinations – and we will do it.

Meenakshi.T [Std 8] adds – He was a passionate teacher. He has become an inspiration in my life.