The Genesis

7th November 2022

Dear Parents,

We have recruited a second full time student counsellor (Child Psychologist), Mrs. Ayesha who has worked in New Millennium School as a student counsellor from 2018 to 2020.  Hence the school will have two full time student counsellors. 

The New Millennium School’s vision is:

  • a happy productive well-rounded student
  • a happy work-oriented teacher / staff
  • a happy responsible parent. 

Students and parents are welcome to meet the students’ counsellors to discuss

  • Student – student disputes / bullying / peer pressure
  • Student – teacher disputes
  • Student – parent (family) disputes
  • Problems and emotional stress that students may face in the different phases of growing up (Adolescents / teenagers).
  • To cope with exam stress and failure in exams
  • Disciplinary matters

New Millenium School