Looking Forward

Change seems to be the only constant in the modern day world. Be it the technology or the other changes; what's new today is outdated tomorrow.

New Millennium School will continue to identify and embrace newer methodologies and technologies to stay current and ensure that your ward is in tune with the latest. Teaching methodologies will evolve and so will other things around us. We will enable your child to stay current and progressive as they march forward in their lives to chart out a great path.

When the School first commenced, it would conduct 3 Field Trips a year: one for Primary School and one each for Middle School and Senior School. Until the Academic Year 2014 – 15, the School continued to conduct one trip per class per year. It is noteworthy that the School now conducts more than 35 Field Trips a year; roughly 3 trips per class related to the relevant syllabus of each separate class.

Accordingly, the School intends to buy its own School bus this year for our Field Trips.

We now plan to add a new building which will house a Music Room, a Home Science Lab as well as an indoor Sports Room.

The School plans to have Inter School Basket Ball, Inter School Cricket and Inter School Football friendly matches with neighboring schools on the School Playgrounds.

Currently the School has a Science Club, Art and Craft Club and a Literary Club but plans to add a Foreign Language Club and Home Science Club all of which would meet on Saturdays from this academic year onwards.

The School has already commenced Dance and Martial Arts classes for the students of Std. V to Std. VIII between 3pm and 4pm.

The School also plans to hold a Science Fest in the coming years.

The School plans to introduce knitting for girls and carpentry for boys.