Management Speak

I am privileged once again, to share my sincere thoughts with you. This address could indeed serve as an ideal platform to pen matters close to my heart while leaving academic and social developments in the able hands of the School’s Administrative and Academic staff.

The media cries out of untold “miseries” and “heartaches” that no longer warm our mornings. The "GOOD", pale in comparison. At large, these heart wrenching issues are not caused by natural disasters but by the human race itself - a cause for great concern. On reflection, I do accept that the current environment is dynamic with its share of ever changing challenges - the good, the bad and the indifferent. However, I also do firmly believe that these can be lessened with a good core of human values which should have remained the same. BUT HAVE THEY???

The "Tripartite" relationship - "the HOME, the CHILD and the SCHOOL” is an ideal vehicle to emphasize and ensure this. Education continues outside the boundaries of the school - as such it is a recognised fact that it is the “QUALITY” of time that supercedes the “QUANTITY” of time in bonding a child to the parent. Quality time to essentially include a warm hug, having meals together, playing games, cooking sessions and an outing of sorts at times, are just a few to mention. A few household duties would not hurt either. All of this will help you realise the hidden talents of your child. While they unleash, you discover, try to understand and then very patiently show them the "right path".

The "right path" is actually a very simple old path, for all walks of Life. It is a constant, filled with the same sound values practised and handed down by our forefathers, despite the evolving environment. The human mind has always been impressionable, always absorbing. Parents, who hold their child’s hand and walk them through, while actualising their dreams, would certainly be rewarded with both success and wholesome children. No amount of wealth acquired can substitute for the precious bonding time lost during the growing years resulting probably in neglected, misguided and “latchkey” kids .They grow up to be society’s biggest threat and their misdeeds are indeed fodder for the media.

Let’s stop pointing fingers at others :
Let’s continue to do our part :
Let’s improve on our weaknesses and grow on our strengths:
Let’s ...........................

Do we have the time? YES, do MAKE the time.

With Patience, a virtue, let us emulate the "Gandhian" way forward :

"Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from the fear of punishment".


The Best That I Can Do, The Best That I Can Be
Warm regards
Geeta Lakshmi

Executive Committee Members